Rekey Locksmith Service

Condo/Apt ReKey

  • Mobile Service
  • Up to 2 keyholes
  • 2 new keys
ReKey Special

most popular
  • Mobile Service
  • Up to 6 keyholes
  • 4 new keys

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Additional Services

$10 Addl Keyholes

If you have more keyholes than our packages list above, our straight forward up-front pricing makes it simple to clearly understand what you will pay for your entire lock ReKey service.

$2 Addl Keys

Need additional keys for your in-laws? Uh, maybe not…how about your kids, babysitter, friend, tenant, others? Our simple, easy to understand pricing lets you add additional keys at a flat rate.

$35 Std Locks

If your deadbolt or handle lock is broken, worn-out, or just ugly – replace them with our standard locks for an affordable cost. This price includes rekey if needed & installation in a pre-drilled door.

$35 Mailbox Lock

Replace your mailbox lock to eliminate access of past owners, identity thieves, & others that may have an old key.  Protect your mail and your identity with a new lock on your mailbox.

$15 Remote Reprogram

We can reprogram your garage opener to eliminate access of others with an old garage remote or programmed car remote. Missing or broken remotes? No problem – ask us about new replacements.

$35 Rekeyable Padlock

Don’t mess around with multiple keys – use your same house key for your padlock. You can add these padlocks to your side yard gate, on a storage shed, or whereever you need added security.
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